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Best Practice Workplace Health & Well being Strategies

By Kerry Fallon Horgan
Find out how best practice employers demonstrate commitment to understanding employees' health and well being needs and provide innovative, highly targeted and accessible initiatives. Holistic approaches by these workplaces focus on physical and psychological health, work/life balance and financial well being.

Human Resources (HR) Audit - Do Your HR Initiatives Treat Your Employees As Valuable Assets?

By Sheila Link
Do your personnel policies and practices tell your employees they are important? Are your human resource (HR) programs and services effective? Do your HR initiatives make your employees more productive? Do you understand where there are opportunities to improve the effectiveness of HR in your organization? An audit (a systematic review) of your HR programs will help you learn the answers to these questions, and will point you down a path positive change.

Leadership and Integrity - Ensuring it Exists in Your Company

By Gay Miller
There are now increasing demands on members of the Board of Directors in companies to take steps to 'avoid risk', to be more 'aware' of how the company is managed and to do 'risk analysis'. The current trend in measuring the quality of governance in organizations is to measure their success in applying good governance principles at the Board level. However, we must remember that members of the Board do not lead or manage an organization on a day-to-day basis and the overall general 'health' of the organization's integrity and ethics rests in the hands of the managers inside the company.

The Significant Procedures and Policies For HR Retire

By Sam Miller
The term "human resources" has become an increasingly lengthening expression that often refers to the management of human capital. What are being referred to here are the citizens that make up an organization. This subject has progressed from the customary managerial occupation to a tactical function.