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Importance Of Talent Management - Performance Management System Vital To HR

By L. Bean
What is talent management and what role does it play in human resources?

Benefits of Human Resources Administration Outsourcing

By Christopher Walton
The benefits of human resources administration outsourcing are plenty. To start with, it brings about streamlined operation of the HR chores of your organization. Then, it also helps you concentrate your efforts and resources on your core tasks.

Advertising Your Vacancies - Looking Beyond Want Ads

By Cissy Pau
Anyone who has ever tried to hire a new employee has their fair share of horror stories. They advertised on a bulletin board at the local community centre and no one applied. They spent $1,200 for an ad in the newspaper and got hundreds of applications, but no one was really qualified. They hired the daughter of someone who was a recommendation from someone else, who was the brother of their hairdresser - the person didn't work out.

Are There Industry Specific HR Information Systems?

By Clay Scroggin
This piece is about whether you should be concerned about finding an industry specific HRMS or HRIS solution. If you are starting out with this as your primary goal, you may be on the wrong track.

Workplace Violence - 8 Steps to Stop Ticking Time Bombs From Exploding

By Mona Melanson
It should come to no surprise that the worsening economy has given rise to an increased wave of workplace violence. Recent stories of shootings in U.S. workplaces demonstrate that once again, when layoffs and unemployment increase, so does workplace violence. No one should risk their life or health simply by being at work. Here are eight action steps to consider taking now: